2019 Dover Ducky Derby

This event is no longer on sale.

Saturday June 29

1:00 PM  –  2:00 PM

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and SEED (Seacoast Educational Endowment for Dover) have teamed up again for the 2nd annual Dover Ducky Derby! The derby will be in conjunction with the Museum’s NH Maker & Food Fest – a day to explore and be amazed by local inventors, makers and of course food vendors. The Maker Fest is a special ticketed event, but you can still view the Dover Ducky Derby for free from Henry Law Park behind the museum and along the river. If you want to adopt a duck to participate in the derby, those can be purchased online or in person at the museum.

$5 for one duck, $50 for a gaggle of 12 ducks, or $100 for a flock of 50 ducks.

Only one "adopter" name can be added to each duck adoption "level." So if, for example, you want to purchase "a gaggle of 12 ducks" but would like each of those 12 duck to go under a different "adopters" name, that isn't possible. All 12 ducks have to be adopted by one person/business. Same for a flock of 50 ducks. The adopter's name can be a family name, or a business name. If you want to purchase ducks and have them be under different names, please adopt them at the "$5 for one duck" level.