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Tuesday June 13

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9:30 AM  –  11:30 AM

Group Visits are available 9:30-11:30am, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Group Visit + STEAM Workshop for grades 1-5 features a variety of creative science inquiry based activities related to the Next Gen Science Crosscutting Concepts (lesson time = 30-40  minutes for groups up to 35 students or 20 minutes for groups of 40-60 students) plus free exploration with the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. (60 student maximum plus up to 12 adult chaperones depending upon the group size)

Fees are tiered flat rates based on the number of participants:

12-20 Students + 4 Adult Chaperones: $190
21-35 Students + 7 Adult Chaperones: $335
36-60 Students + 12 Adult Chaperones: $570
*1 to 1 aides are always free and do not count towards the total adult chaperones

Title 1 Schools:
12-20 Title 1 Students + 4 Adult Chaperones: $100
21-35 Title 1 Students + 7 Adult Chaperones: $175
36-60 Title 1 Students + 12 Adult Chaperones: $300
Over 60 Title 1 Students: $4/child
*1 to 1 aides are always free and do not count towards the total adult chaperones

1 adult chaperone is required for every 5 students. Any additional chaperones beyond this ratio will be charged regular admission to the museum (they may use admission discounts if applicable, but there is not a discount for attending with the group).

Please note, we no longer offer classrooms for snack or lunch.

The non-refundable $50 deposit purchased here will reserve your date and time. You will be required to reach out to us after you have reserved here, and confirm the number of children and adults joining this program. If you are a Title 1 School please specify that as well. The balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to the visit date.

Drop-in Programs: Due to the discounted rate of group visits, special drop-in activities happening at the Museum that are available for regular visitors, are not available for groups.  

STEAM WORKSHOP TOPIC OPTIONS for groups of up to 35 students*:

*If you have larger groups of 40-60 students, you may only book "Nocturnal Animals", "Flight: Pushes & Pulls", or "All About Patterns" - these lessons have been modified to accommodate larger groups and will include a 20-minute workshop.


*Flight: Pushes and Pulls, Grades 1 - 5
Learn all about the forces of flight in this build-and-test lab. This lesson concludes with each student trying out a flying contraption of their own design in our Build It. Fly It. exhibit!

*All About Patterns, Grades PreK - 2
Learn about symmetry, shapes & tessellations while you explore basic foundations of math and create a pattern project to take home with you.

Digging Dinosaurs, Grades PreK - 4
Explore the Scientific Method by pretending to be a paleontologist! Dig into a mini dinosaur fossil site with other "scientists in training" and identify the dinosaur that has been unearthed.

Engineer a Fairytale - Grades 1-5
Travel around to different stations and solve fairytale themed engineering challenges like making a sturdy house for the three little pigs, crafting a tin foil boat to help the gingerbread man escape, and building bridges for the three billy goats gruff.

Creative Circuits - Grades 1-5
Explore everyone's favorite circle: a circuit! Jump into this Lab with some theatre-integrated creative circuits and leave with your own made with aluminum foil.

Science of Sound, Grades 1-5
Experiment with sound – how do we make it, how do we hear it, how does it travel, and what’s the science behind it?


*Nocturnal Animals, Grades K - 5
This lesson introduces nocturnal animals through hands-on activities and experiments. Students will learn about the special senses these animals have to help them survive at night, and make a project to take home.

Birds, Beaks, and Adaptations - Grades 1-5
Would a woodpecker be able to gather food in a pond? How successful would a duck be gathering food on a prairie? Find out in this hands on lab all about bird beak adaptations.

River Builders, Grades 1 - 5
Discover the many creatures that build along and within the river through interactive observation. Students will learn how different creatures build, why and where they build, as well as how the river ecosystem supports these builders.


World Celebrations, Grades 1 - 5
Using artifacts from different cultures students will explore what makes our culture and other cultures unique. Discover and compare everyday items, food, and customs from around the world as you explore actual artifacts from the museum's collection.

Gyotaku Fish Printing - Grades 1-5
Learn about the Japanese art of Gyotaku, aka Fish Printing, and make a beautiful fish print on a piece of fabric to take home.

Decorative Mask Making, Grades Pre K - 4
Learn how masks are used during ceremonies and festivals by cultures around the world. Explore the techniques and materials used to make these works of art while creating your own unique mask to take home.

When booking this visit online, please only put in the number "1" when choosing the topic below (in other words, you won't put in the number of visitors here. You are only reserving the date and paying the deposit here.) Right after booking you will receive an email with a prompt for you to send more information to us about your total numbers, contact info, etc.